Three men go to extreme lengths to avoid speeding fines


Three Gloucester work colleagues have been sentenced to prison, community service and a driving ban when they went to illegal means to avoid speeding fines being collected in Bracknell.

Last year on November 12 and November 13 an Audi A3 was stopped for exceeding the speed limit on A329. Zoe Freeman the driver was sent notice of prosecution for these offences however she replied with a letter saying her records indicated the car was not in that area at the time of the infractions and requested photos for evidence.

Ms Freemen subsequently received photos sent by the police but later sent a second reply saying the car captured was not hers. At the Oxford Crown Court photographs were sent from the company the driver worked for indicating there were different number plates and a print out from the device that tracks the cars movements showed it was stationery for those two days in November.

After further enquires it was discovered the tracker device for the car in question had been attached to another car owned by a director of the company just a few days before the first speeding incident. The print out was also found to be altered. And another pair of plates had just been ordered days before sending the information to the police.