New DVLA tax phone number


dvlaTo help make it simpler to renew car tax you can now use the new 24 hour road tax telephone number set up by the DVLA that is as simple to remember as 1,2,3,4 literally.

The new Vehicle Tax line number is 0300 1234 321.

By calling the hotline people can renew their road tax without having to make a trip to the Post Office.

The hot line service works by verifying you have insurance on your vehicle using the MOT and insurance databases automatically, so that you do not have to make a separate trip out of your home simply to show these papers to anyone physically.

For those who would rather take care of the task in person, the Post Office service will still be offered. Additionally, there is an online alternative that also allows you to check your road tax at

Since September of this year over half of all vehicle tax renewals have been carried out online or over the phone. You can buy a personalised DVLA registration here from Carreg who are a DVLA approved reseller.


  1. I rang the 0300 1234 121 telephone number at 03:32 this morning, as it was advertised as a 24 hour line for DVLA.
    Whilst I appreciate this was initially set up in 2009, I would have expected any changes to be updated as a government body !
    The telephone number is in fact Cornwall Council !!!!!!
    I live in Manchester region and have never visited Cornwall , so was somewhat bemused !!!
    Please can someone amend this number .

    Thank you