AA asks authorities to be reasonable during postal strike


AAAA Insurance is asking authorities to take it easy on drivers who may have documents that are delayed due to the postal strike.

Director of AA insurance, Simon Douglas, stated that many of Britain’s 30 million drivers and still depend heavily on the post when it comes to paperwork that deals with motoring.

Thus, the postal strike can cause difficulties for many drivers that are trying to take care of their car tax or renew their license through the mail.

Douglas did make it a point however, that paper records should still only be used as a back up to information that should be loaded on national databases already.  According to Douglas, most motorists should not have a problem proving they have stayed current, even without the documents due to the Motor Insurance Database.

At the same time, he cautioned that those who wait until the last moment to renew their license, only to find that the database is not updated quickly enough to prevent being stopped by the police.

He also stated that due to legislative delay in making electronic license certificates recognizable many drivers are unable to produce new documents in a timely manner.  At the core of the matter is the delay in getting the amendment to make sure documentation legal, even though it was first drafted back in November of 2007.

Douglas also added that electronic delivery of such documents is also a positive way to conserve energy, making the amendment approval of even higher value.