London sees the arrival of the X crossing


Britain introduced its first scramble crossing on Tuesday at Oxford Circus that is to be known in London as the safer sounding X crossing.
Regardless of what the new crossing is titled, its design is from Japan.

For those who have never seen a scramble crossing, at such an intersection all cars must come to a stop at one time, so that walkers can cross an intersection in any manner they want including diagonal crosses.

This is the first step in Britain of giving pedestrians dominance over traffic, which is displayed at the Oxford Circus, where the steel barriers have been removed and pedestrian pavements have been expanded.

Although critics think that the intersection will confuse those who come to the crossing initially, city planners assume that once the idea of a scramble crossing becomes more familiar it will be natural.

After all, this is not the first unique crossing in London with the Hyde Park Corner outfitted with raised buttons for those who are riding on horse. This particular crossing type is known as a Pegasus crossing.

Another popular crossing is the zebra crossing which is now starting to decline in use after a sixty year history.