The never ending rise in insurance excess costs


With the amount of excess customers will have to pay to file a claim being increased by insurance companies what will this do to the young drivers that are already famous for having to pay high premiums for their insurance.

The answer may be Young Marmalade. Young Marmalade is UK’s only young people’s specialist insurance provider and created to help the young motorists afford insurance and newer, safer cars as a package.

Young Marmalade’s goal is to lower the cost of insurance for young drivers by giving them new or close to new, safe low-powered cars. The discounts they receive from bulk purchasing they use to provide premiums insurance at affordable rates as part of the combined package.

Referring to their latest venture – intelligent marmalade – is where cars receive a device attached to them that monitoring an individual’s driving habits and Managing Director of Young Marmalade, Crispin Moger said that reduction of premiums is all about the management of the insurance companies exposure to risk.

“The more information we can build up about the driver, the more we can reward safer driving with reduced premiums.”

Intelligent Marmalade gives them the opportunity to prove their driving skills and save money,” said Mr Moger.