All uninsured drivers now have to pay a penalty under new rules


Despite costing the country £380 million every year, new rules have placed a penalty of £300 on all uninsured drivers. A crackdown has been supported by 4 out of 5 drivers. 81% of all drivers want those who are uninsured to be arrested since they endanger the lives of people who use British roads, and also eat into the £33 of the policy money from law-abiding drivers.

From this day henceforth, anyone who is not insured will pay a fine of £300. The £200 that was payable before was not deterring enough. Research by the AA showed that one in 25 drivers drove without an insurance cover. This comes to a million vehicles raining the probability of getting hit by an uninsured driver higher than that found in other parts of Europe.

According to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, Germany has 1 in 500 uninsured drivers and Spain has 1 in 1,000. 54% of all drivers belonging to the AA said that such drivers should be jailed, and 63% prefer electronic tagging of such drivers.

Most of the offenders are found to be young men of ages between 17 and 22. People pay about £1,211 if you do not have any violations on your lance. This price is quadruple the fine that the drivers are fined. However the director of AA insurance, Simon Douglas has said that the penalty will still not deter these drivers.

He says that most of the culprits are either suspended drivers, or those with no MOT or tax, and those without driving licenses. The fines will be given to those who are in minor accidents, but those who cause major ones will have to face the law, and pay fines of up to £5,000. The fines are usually based on the income of the culprit, and it is rare that a judge will give out the maximum penalty.