The public want dogs restrained in cars


GEM Motoring Assist has recently conducted a poll and has announced their findings regarding travelling with dogs in the UK. Of those surveyed, well over half said that the law should stipulate that those who travel with a dog in the car should have to restrain the animal.

The road safety branch of the company was responsible for the poll and it was conducted after the subject came to the public’s eye last summer. The chief executive of the company is David Williams, and he has commented, “unrestrained dogs in cars are causing accidents every year, not only are they a distraction to drivers but they can cause serious injury to people in a collision. People underestimate the force that an animal would have in an accident, even at a slow speed.”

Todd Carty, the Eastenders actor, is part of the campaign for restraining animals in cars. He has asked people to be aware of the dangers of not restraining your dog. Mr Williams continued, “Consumers can buy dog harnesses in many places and using these would be a very positive step to reducing accidents caused by animals. Having this put into law is an important step for road safety.”