Village may be speeding capital of UK


In the past six months alone nearly 45,000 drivers have been caught speeding in a single location. The village where this has occurred is called Great Bowden and around 200 people are breaking the 30 mile an hour speed limit each day. Chairman of the parish council is Paul Claxton, and he has commented about the offences, “It is clear in the village that people are speeding, but these figures are absolutely astonishing. We did not think when we got them that they could be accurate. But they have been verified.”

The camera in the village was a flashing sign telling motorists whether they were going over the speed limit, it was not a camera that could fine people. If it was, the total amount of fines would have been over £2.5 million. A spokesperson from Brake, the road safety awareness charity has said, “A great many villages in this country suffer from speeding motorists, but the police simply cannot monitor and catch them all.”

Despite all the speeding, there have not been many accidents in the village, and this has meant that the parish council is reluctant to install measures that will mean people have to drive slower, such as speed bumps. Mr Claxton went on to comment, “The local county council don’t seem to be very interested in the problem. Just because they haven’t been accidents doesn’t mean there won’t be, and we want to see road calming measures installed before someone gets hurt. The speeding in the village and the lack of traffic calming measures are a disaster just waiting to happen.”

People from the local community have spoken out against this huge amount of speeding and have said that motorists should obey the speed limit. People have said they are particularly concerned because there is a school in the local area.