Tyre safety month


TyreSafe is sponsoring tyre safety month which is taking place this October in the UK. The company said that the number of people being prosecuted for driving on unsafe tyres has reached its highest point in four years. 2010 figures show that nearly 10,500 motorists were convicted, which is a significant increase on the 9.500 people who are prosecuted in 2009.

A spokesperson from TyreSafe has commented, “This just shows that our courts take a very low view of people who are driving on unsafe tyres. Unfortunately, because of the recent financial hardships facing many people, a lot of motorists are putting off buying new tyres. What these latest figures show us is that people are waiting too long. Not getting your tyres replaced when you should risks your own safety as well meaning that you can lose your driving licence.”

Regulations in the UK require that tyres have a minimum tread of 1.6 mm. Failure to comply with these specifications mean that drivers can receive three points on their licence for each tyre failing to meet them and fines of £2500 per tyre.

TyreSafe have a great deal of information on how to make sure that you have safe tyres. Much of this information can be found online. There is a special animation which shows drivers how to make sure that tyres are legal and safe, the process of doing this is easy and quick.