Many Drivers Are Still Illegally Using Their Mobile Phones


According to a recent survey, almost half of all drivers in the UK are still using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

Findings by Halfords show that despite a law coming into force five years ago to deter motorists from using their phones on the roads, 200,000 car drivers a year are fined for using their mobiles to make calls, browse the internet and text.

The research revealed that men are the worst offenders as 67% confessed to committing the offence, and 1 in 4 drivers surveyed admitted that they use their phone behind the wheel at least once a month. Of all the respondents, it was the drivers under 25-years-old who were the most likely to log onto their social networking sites to update their statuses.

At the moment, any Brit caught using their phone behind the wheel is issued three penalty points with a fixed £60 fine which means that millions of pounds was accumulated last year because police figures show that there was more than 171,000 fixed penalty notices issued for the offence in the run up to October. What is more, Home Office statistics show that a further 35,000 cases were fined by magistrates; however the Government is currently proposing to raise the fine to £100.

More motorists than ever are reportedly flouting the law and putting themselves and other road users at risk according to the study. The poll and analysis of official figures found that breaching the law has become a common practice as 10% more people admit to using a phone whilst driving in comparison to a similar survey last year.

It is vital that you protect your car against any mechanical or electrical faults by taking out quality Warrantywise car warranty but the plans do not necessarily cover for any vehicle defects caused by illegally using a phone. A top tip is to be safe and go hands-free.