Don’t Drive In A Cluttered Car


Drivers sometimes fail to properly clean their cars often enough, and this debris can add up. Over time, this leads to clutter. In some cases, this clutter takes the form of large objects that simply sit in the car for months or even years. Musical instruments, old electronics and old office documents are commonly left in the car for lengthy periods of time. There are, however, some real risks and costs involved with excess clutter.

Clutter is Dangerous

Clutter is rarely stowed safely, and it can be a real dangerous if a car is in a crash. While cars are safer than ever before, items that are not secured become projectiles that can damage both the car and its occupants. A fifty-pound object traveling at 60 miles per hour is a potentially fatal hazard. Removing clutter is essentially to keep a car safe.

Clutter Reduces Efficiency

While cars have different mileage ratings, one basic law of physics is unavoidable: Weight causes cars to be less efficient. While the difference is small in the short term, the weight of excess clutter adds up over time and results in a significantly higher gas cost. The added cost is slow to build and generally goes unnoticed, but the effect is real.

Clutter Makes a Car Less Useful

Clutter can take away open seats. For those driving cars with five seats, having the back seat completely filled with clutter makes the car significantly less useful. By keeping clutter out of the car, drivers can ensure that their car is fully usable if the need for extra seating arises.

Consider Storage

Another common culprit in the slow rise of clutter is a lack of storage space. Sometimes, drivers leave items in the cars because they do not know where to put it in their homes. The best option in many cases is to simply rent storage space. Companies like have great options for those on any budget, and having a clutter-free car makes the expense well worth it.

A bit of discipline can go a long way toward keeping a car free of clutter. Regular cleanings are a great way to make removing clutter a regular task, and adopting a policy of never leaving items in the car can help. Whichever route is chosen, sticking with it is important; driving in a cluttered car is dangerous, expensive and often embarrassing.

This is a Guest Post written by Samantha Peters, an avid blogger who is open almost any topic thrown her way. Sam manages The Education Update and lives in beautiful San Diego, California.