Transport secretary reveals latest plans for UK toll roads


Justine Greening, the transport secretary, has recently announced plans that would see tolls installed on roads in the UK that are already in place. One of the most notable proposals is going to be the installation of tolls on the A14 – on a special enhanced 20 mile section.

Many people are concerned that this is going to see a significant shift in the policy of the government, and will mean that other plans for tollbooths around the country are going to be put forward.

Many people are particularly disappointed by the idea of tollbooths because the coalition government promised that they would be ending the ‘war on motorists’ that has been seen in recent years. When they came to office they promised that they would not be introducing any tollbooths on the existing road network in the UK.

The tollbooth is going to be applicable to a stretch of the A14 which is going to be widened. The president of the AA, Edmund King has been very critical of the change stating, “The problem is that motorists are not going to want to pay this toll, and so they are going to go to great lengths to avoid this road.

This is going to mean that many local roads are going to become incredibly congested which will lead to more accidents, and a great deal more pollution.

“When this government came to power they said that they wouldn’t toll any existing roads and this proposal is exactly what they promised they wouldn’t do. This road is just being upgraded, which doesn’t make it a new road and while we understand the problems of the roads becoming congested and the need for expansion, a toll booth is not the solution and is something that we are strongly fighting against.”