EU plan changes to MOT’s in the UK


Car modifications are something that are particularly popular in the UK, however this process is something that could be brought under threat by the European Commission. The EU are planning to change the laws regarding MOT’s which could mean that any modifications done to the car would not be allowed as all parts on the car would have to conform with the original parts that were part of the vehicle when it was initially registered.

Various motoring organisations across the country have been warned by the governments Department for Transport, stating that this new law could mean modifications become impossible of the car wants to pass its MOT. This would apply to all types of vehicle, and many components which could be affixed to them.

It is unknown how far this extension is going to go, but it is possible that it could affect many minor elements of the car, such as the installation of alloy wheels, to replace the originals. It is also possible that it could affect owners who want to restore old cars to modern standards.

These plans come recently after the government draw up plans that would see the MOT test become unnecessary for classic cars, which are those built before 1960. It is estimated that in the UK there are around 160,000 cars currently on the road which are older than 50 years. This makes up a very small percentage of the total at around half of one percent.

The reason for the government proposing that the MOT be abolished for cars that are classic is because generally they are very well maintained and the number of accidents that they are involved in is typically very low.