You’re more likely to break the speed limit in a German car


German cars are regarded as some of the most reliable, and arguably best vehicles, in the world. A recent survey by the high street insurer, Swinton, has shown that German manufactured vehicles are responsible for most speeding offences in the UK. The study has highlighted that if you drive German manufactured cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Volkswagen, you are more likely to speed than if you drive a car manufactured in a different country.

The insurance company have commented that they are not trying to point blame at certain manufacturers, but have just conducted the survey in order to raise people’s awareness about speeding on the roads. As part of the study they have created a piece of information which shows drivers how dangerous people tend to be while driving their model of car.

The list that has been created contains over 500 cars and the main German manufacturers mentioned above all have at least one model in the top 50 speeding cars. The coalition government has recently been criticised for not doing enough about road safety since coming to office.

Nearly 2000 people were killed on the roads in Britain last year which is a significant increase on the figures seen for the previous year. In recent years, speeding has become the biggest killer of young people aged between 16 and 24 years.

The insurance company that have compiled the study, Swinton, are one of the most experienced insurers in the motoring industry in the UK. It is hoped that this study will highlight to people the risks of driving fast on the roads and their study should make people aware of how dangerous that particular car is to drive. Mostly, the company hoped that it will encourage people to realise just how easy it is to slip over the speed limit in a large vehicle.