Despite campaigns the number of cyclists dying on London’s roads hasn’t fallen


The number of cyclists who are dying on London’s roads is alarming and it is a rather sad situation that it requires a celebrity cyclist to speak out in order for awareness of safety to become a major issue for the public.

Overall, the number of pedestrians and drivers being killed on the road is declining thanks to extra safety precautions as well as greater enforcement of road laws. However, the number of cyclists who are dying is not reducing and it still remains very high when compared to other injuries that are taking place on the roads.

Over the past five years the number of cyclists who are becoming seriously injured on the roads has increased by 25 percent. There are two main sides to the argument, one comes from motorists saying that action needs to be taken against cyclists who cycle dangerously.

While on the other side of the equation cyclists are encouraging measures to be taken against motorists in order to make the roads safer for them. The thing is that both of these parties are actually correct, in order to increase the safety of cyclists on the road, it is necessary for measures to be taken against motorists, as well as cyclists.

It is a common situation the cyclists are running red lights and this puts not just themselves a risk, but other road users. Motorists have long been calling for more enforcement against cyclists who break the rules. Road users have said that cyclists who continually break the law should be taken off the roads by a special order which prevents them from cycling.

Furthermore, the cycling community has been lobbying that not enough money is being spent on cycling education. Too many cyclists are being killed on the roads because they are unaware of how to cycle properly, lobbyists are calling for the government to increase cycling education.