A14 congestion to be relieved by making it a toll road


The most congested road in the United Kingdom is the A14 and the government have just made the announcement that it is going to be eased though a toll road. Consultations about easing congestion on the road have been taking place with the government for the last eight months and the best solution that has been come up with is the installation of a new piece of road which is designed to ease congestion, although this is going to be a toll road so drivers are going to have to pay to use it.

This trunk road is going to be linking Felixstowe, the largest container port in the world with the two major motorways which link to the rest of the country – the M1 and the M6. Currently, most of the trucks which are having to travel from this port are spending a lot of time in gridlock while they are stuck on the A14.

Andrew Lansley, the MP for South Cambridgeshire has recently stated, “We have all known for a long time that something needs to be done about this incredibly congested road. A new build is the best option and while we understand a toll road is not going to be the most welcome option by motorists, we do think it is the best solution.”

John Bridge, from the Chamber of Commerce in Cambridgeshire has commented, “Unfortunately, this is one of those times where the government simply can’t afford to pay for the road themselves. Users of the roads are going to have to dig into their pockets in order to fund this new construction.”