Toll system pay for A14 upgrade


The upgrades that are being made to the A14 road are going to be paid for by a toll system which is going to be set up on the road. The upgrade to the road is running through Cambridgeshire and the government have said that in order to pay for the upgrades which are hoped to relieve congestion the motorists are going to be charged on a toll basis.

The local government have said that this is a road that is going to bring a great deal of benefit to local people and it is a new piece of road that has to be paid for and unfortunately motorists are going to have to be the ones to foot the bill.

The road is particularly important as it links the largest container port in the UK with some of the main motorways running across the country, the M1 and the M6. Once the goods have reached these motorways they are easily transported all over the country.

Unfortunately, the situation is currently that over 100 miles of the motorway is regularly gridlocked due to overuse. It is expected that the upgrades of the motorway are going to bring great changes making it easier for goods to reach these main motorway trunk roads.

Andrew Lansley is the Cambridgeshire Member of Parliament said he has recently stated, “Everyone knows that this road needs to be rebuilt. The local business community is very concerned about the current state of the road and they seem to understand that although a toll road is never something that is appreciated, it is something that is very necessary in this case. Avoiding a road upgrade here is simply unavoidable, and unfortunately motorists are going to have to pay for it.” It is estimated that this road upgrade is going to cost in the region of £1.5 billion.