Young drivers face new Safe Driver Test


Part of Road Safety Week, which took place at the end of November, was the introduction of a revolutionary test that many people feel is going to help reduce the number of young people dying on the U.K.’s roads. The test analyses a person’s personality and lists the driving habits they are most prone to. It can tell you about how you are going to drive before you even sit in the driver’s seat.

The test is called the Safe Driver Test and users psychometric profiling to analyse the personality of the potential driver. It is being developed by Swansea University and has been made available free on the Internet. After measuring the personality it analyses you for driving risk and gives advice on how you can reduce your risk on the road and gives tips on how to avoid dangerous driving.

The biggest cause of death of young people in the UK, aged 15 to 24, is dangerous driving. Amazingly, 20% of people who have recently passed a test have an accident within the first six months. There are many factors that are believed to make young people more reckless drivers, including feelings of invincibility, overconfidence on the roads, and being unable to assess risk properly. It is also speculated that many people drive more dangerously because of pressure from their peers.

The test is conducted anonymously and those doing it should realise that there are no wrong answers. The test simply analyses your personality and does not score you on how safe your driving might be. The brand director of the test has recently said, “The test is designed to let young people know that they should be concentrating completely on the road when they are driving. We are urging driving schools to start encouraging young people to take the test.”