Motorways opened to learner drivers


Next year, learner drivers will be able to travel on motorways in a plan by the government to reduce the amount of young people who are dying on our roads. Currently, it is thought that young drivers are particular dangerous on motorways because they are facing traffic that is travelling at speeds they have never encountered before. The plans will mean that learner drivers will be able to travel on motorways as long as there is a qualified driving instructor in the car.

Driving on motorways, however, will not be forming a part of the driving test as it would be impractical for some people who live in more remote areas. Between 2006 and 2010 there were over 82 people killed who were under 21 years old while driving on Britain’s motorways.

Currently many government ministers are concerned that the driving test does not adequately prepare young people for driving on the roads and there have been calls for reform. There have also been calls for trainee driving instructors to not be allowed to give lessons and have sad that a fully qualified instructor must be present with them and the learner driver.

There has also been criticism about the theory test and that it is too easy to memorise responses to answers and then simply repeat them in the test environment. The government wants to see the theory side of the driving test overhauled.

The governments plans have been welcomed by various motoring safety groups and safety initiatives will make Britain’s roads safer place. The Parliamentary Advisory Council For Transport Safety director is Robert Gifford and he has recently commented, “In principle these reforms are a great idea but putting them into practice is the most challenging part. I fully agree with the government’s plans to ban trainee driving instructors giving lessons solo.”