Winter driving is almost upon us

Winter driving is almost upon us

Once winter comes around, drivers are presented with extremely difficult driving conditions, and despite it happening regularly, the UK never seems prepared and has difficulty coping with it. Another thing British drivers tend to forget is the damage that the wintry weather can inflict on our cars and to minimise this we should be starting to take preventative action now before it’s too late.

The GM of Car-Skin Winning Formulas is Bert Youell, and he says that it is important that we check over our cars now, and things such as lights, fluids, batteries, brakes and tyres should all be in good working order before the bad weather really arrives. He added that it’s also the perfect time to make sure your servicing is up to date and also your breakdown cover.

Winter can also be harsh on your bodywork, so it should now be cleaned and protected using a high end car shampoo like Car-Skin’s Foamless shampoo. Then use the Car-skin Deep Clean which removes all impurities which have embedded themselves into your bodywork’s surface, such as tree sap and bird lime. Once this has all been done, sealing the paint using CS12 will greatly reduce your cars resistance to UV damage and pollutants for 12 months.

“Car care doesn’t stop there though. As winter closes in, don’t forget to regularly wash off the salt to avoid paintwork corrosion and rust acceleration.”

Bert recommends that you carry a few extras in the car for winter in case you run into difficulty:

  • Fold-up mini shovel
  • Warm clothes – gloves are particularly important if you have to change a tyre in freezing temperatures
  • A back-up mobile phone charger – ideally one that operates through a 12v car power socket or off a small battery
  • Properly inflated spare tyre and a jack
  • A torch with fresh batteries – LED based torches are small, bright, and long lasting
  • De-icer spray and a scraper
  • Jump leads
  • Tow rope
  • Food and drink
  • Amber flashing beacon for when the snows come in and cover lights lower down on the car

With good preparation now, your car is more likely to maintain its value over the winter, helping you avoid expensive bodywork bills in the spring. Planning ahead will also reduce the likelihood of you running into trouble with a breakdown with a flat battery, frozen windscreen wash, or worn tyres.

To help you through the winter, Car-Skin have produced two online guides – ‘Winter Survival Guide for your Car‘ and ‘Winter Driving Tips‘.