Hyundai Veloster hits the road


Never a company to rest on their laurels, Korean car manufacturers Hyundai have been pretty busy of late with a plethora of new models being revealed in a quest to take a bigger market share and lift themselves even higher up the industry ladder. Currently in fourth place, the Hyundai Kia Auto Group have removed models, upgraded models and brought us some new and exciting vehicles, such as the Hyundai Veloster.

The Veloster is Hyundai’s latest effort as creating a stylish coupe without making any compromises, and the first impression is that they have pretty much hit the jackpot this time. To start with it looks good, with a clever door arrangement that is somewhat similar to the much loved Mini Clubman. There is one door on one side and two on the other, but unlike the Clubman, the double doors are geared for the UK and open into the pavement.

The first model being rolled out at the back end of 2011 has a 1.6l petrol engine, perfectly adequate for urban driving. Word has it that later models will include the choice of a high power turbo version and also a diesel. This will be great boost for all petrolheads as the Veloster benefits from such a sharp chassis that it is easily handle more speed and power.

Once behind the wheel, the Hyundai Veloster is a lot of fun to drive. It is very agile, with good grip and is a rewarding drive for all motoring enthusiasts. The engine performs perfectly and it really is a joy to take it through its paces and to put your foot down when the speed limit allows it.

Although from the outside it looks as if those taller drivers may have some issue, it is extremely spacious inside and only those bordering on basketball height will feel cramped in any way. The interior is very well thought out and carries the designated amount of passengers in consummate comfort.

The suspension makes light of the bumps and potholes synonymous with British roads, and as you would expect with a coupe, it remains firm at all times and prevents any major rattles or shakes entering the cabin. Hyundai are renowned for their reliability, and all new models come with a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty and in their later models this has proved to very rarely used.

The cleverly designed and well equipped Hyundai Veloster great value for money as it is cheaper than most of its rivals. Overall, this is a great coupe that delvers on all levels and will bring great joy to anyone who is savvy enough to buy one.