Weekly motoring tips from Britain’s top advanced driver, Peter Rodger



Peter Rodger, Britain’s top advanced driver provides weekly motoring tips via Road safety charity the IAM. This weeks tips are on parking.

 Park on the left-hand side of the road if possible.

 In a car park, try and reverse into parking spaces. It’s safer when you’re driving out and more fuel efficient as you’ll be manoeuvring with a warm engine.

 Check your mirrors and over your shoulder frequently – you need to know what’s going on around you. Don’t just rely on parking sensors.

 When looking for a parking space, don’t stop suddenly. Drive slowly past it and size it up to see if your car will fit. And if you can’t stop because you have traffic behind you, drive on. Don’t stop suddenly.

 At the supermarket, try and park away from trolley parks and corners to avoid your car being damaged by trolleys.

 Leave enough space for a large vehicle to pass your vehicle and for pedestrians to get past easily.

 IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger said: “Parking is an essential part of driving which many people find stressful. Don’t feel pressurised by other drivers waiting for you to park – it’s important do it at a sensible pace.”