The Volt is put through its paces


Once upon a time, the idea of an electric car seemed like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, or at least straight out of the Jetsons. The technology simply was not there to create an electric car that could deliver the same amount of power that a regular car would but, according to Wayne Hemmingway, the future is now here because of creative innovators who had the drive to create designs that would support the technology.

Hemmingway is best known for his work in the fashion industry on the ‘Red or Dead’ fashion range, as well as his work with some sustainable housing materials. However, he took time off from his busy day to ride around with DJ Jo Whiley to talk about electric cars and how there is no longer a need to ‘compromise ethics’ over eco-friendly designs.

According to Hemmingway, who recently spent some time on eBay looking at some very archaic designs of electric cars from the eighties, designers are now considering sustainability because it is only natural to think about how to make the world a better place.

He added that car manufacturers are taking steps forward to help leave a world that is better than when they entered, and the public is slowly coming around to realise the contribution that hybrid cars can make. In the next ten years, Hemmingway believes that green cars are going to become much more widely accepted, and if the slim Chevrolet Volt is any indication, than the future is very attractive indeed.