Scotland is an MOT blackspot


Scottish cities and towns have the highest rates for MoT failures in the UK during 2011. Many motoring groups were alarmed by the news stating that the Scottish roads may have more unsafe cars than any other location. The most failures were located in Dundee with 15.3% of all vehicles failing to receive a MoT certificate followed closely by 12 more areas that were to the north of the border.

The figures were published by Halfords Autocentres, which stated that weather may have played a role in why Scotland had almost a third more failing cars than anywhere else in the UK. The group also stated that the amount needed to repair cars that failed the MoT also increased by about double up to £143 compared to £82 in 2011. This adds up to costing motorists approximately £1.44 billion per year.

This is disheartening news for most drivers as the Government has announced plans to make the MoT tests better regulated after it was revealed that one in four cars which pass should not. Therefore, when the new regulations go in place it is likely that even more cars will fail driving up motoring costs even more.

The survey revealed that the top failures, when cars are discovered with faults that are not easy to fix, was the highest in Motherwell at 15% followed closely by Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh.

Halfords Autocentres stated that they were not sure why the MoT failure rates were significantly higher in Scotland but could speculate that the harsh weather conditions in the country might be taking their toll on the vehicles.

President of the Automobile Association, Edmund King, stated that it was concerned that there are more cars in Scotland failing the MoT then in any other region of the UK. He went on to say that failure rates prove that ministers did need to tighten up their testing procedures as there are obviously many unsafe cars on the road.

He explained that as petrol prices continue to increase many people are not servicing their cars regularly; which means that they are safety issues that will only get discovered during the MoT test. A separate survey revealed that about 25% of drivers just cross their fingers when it comes time to take the MoT and hope their vehicles while pass while about one out five just look around their car before testing and hope for the best.