Tests planned to ensure the road-worthiness of trailers


In Sweden, there are strict rules about trailers, which are not really seen in the UK. Unlike a car, trailers and not subject to the same scrutiny that the cars are through the annual MOT test. In Sweden, all trailers need to pass a road-worthiness test before they are allowed on the road, this often means that people who’ve rebuilds trailers themselves, or made repairs, are not going to be good enough to go on Sweden’s roads.

Trailers are something that are essential for many businesses in the UK. Builders are known to use trailers if they are unable to fit everything they need in their vans, and it is thought that if testing comes to these trailers then the cost for builders is going to be significantly increased.

A building contractor from Cardiff, Clive Davies has commented, “This is just another way that the government want to introduce more health and safety legislation and it is simply an over the top measure.

Before I attach the trailer to my car of course I make sure that everything is in good condition, if it’s not, I will make repairs, but I will be sure that the trailer is safe when I’m on the roads.Every year I have to put my van through an MOT test and this process is stressful enough. I don’t want to be hit with additional bills because my trailer is not up to scratch.”

However, some driving bodies are welcoming the idea that some form of road-worthiness testing for trailers should be introduced. New trailers that are being produced have to conform to standards that are being set by the European Union but these are not currently applicable to trailers that have already been purchased. It is currently unknown whether the government will decide to pursue a more rigorous testing process for trailers.