Automated car parking


It was in 1961 when the first automated car parking machine was revealed in London. This structure was capable of housing over 250 cars and involves a complex system of levers, pulleys and conveyor belts. At the time it was a remarkable invention and many people regarded it as one of the most impressive features of the modern age.

The building was opened by Princess Margaret, the younger sister of the Queen, and when she first pressed the button to load the first car into the device, it failed and the car got stuck. A year later, the machine was still having many problems and it was not nearly as convenient as people thought. The building was demolished and very little was said about it in the future.

This meant that the idea of having an automated car park died for a long time, but it is still something that people have been dreaming about. Many people see this sort of system as something that can solve the congestion problem that many major cities have. Manufacturers have been drafting automated car parking systems for some time and the ones today are much more technologically advanced than the first one that opened in the 1960s.

Abu Dhabi is a city that is known for being particularly challenging to park in and for this reason this has been the focus of many big contracts for automated car parking systems. One of the companies that is developing a system for the country is the Swiss company Skyline Parking.

The head of the company has recently commented that they have managed to develop an automatic car parking system that is both efficient and functional. It is expected that these car parks are going to be installed in the United Arab Emirates in the next few years.