Snow causes chaos across the country


The snow that has been covering parts of Britain is causing a great deal of travel chaos. Traffic jams are taking place across the country and many flights have been cancelled. Furthermore, those who commute by train are facing a great deal of problems as the tracks become too icy for the trains to run. It is estimated that the temperatures are going to fall to around -13 Celsius, which will create a new record.

The motoring bodies RAC and AA have received a huge number of calls in order to help their members recover vehicles that have broken down or had accidents. Schools have also closed because of the poor weather conditions. The coldest temperature has been recorded in North Yorkshire at Church Fenton where a temperature of nearly 9 Celsius has been recorded.

North Yorkshire Chief of police has stated, “There have been numerous crashes on the A1 because drivers are simply not used to these road conditions and the entire road has been turned into something closely resembling an ice rink.” Suffolk and Sussex were other areas where roads were particularly affected by the bad weather.

The RAC recently issued a statement which showed that it has had the busiest weekend for recoveries in its history. During the weekend it received over 40 percent more calls than it usually does and has stated that the worst affected areas were Cornwall and Devon. In the south of the country 80 percent more breakdowns have been recorded by the company, and a similar figure has been reported for Wales and the West Midlands.

Many serious traffic jams are occurring across the country and many motorists are spending five or more hours in traffic, mostly during the night. Kent has been one of the worst affected areas with over 20 schools closing because of the poor weather conditions.