The Doubleback – Revolutionary New 2012 VW Transporter

The Doubleback - Revolutionary New 2012 VW Transporter
The Doubleback - Revolutionary New 2012 VW Transporter

With Electrically Extendable Rear Pod; the DoubleBack Launches on 9th Feb 2012

The new VW camper van has been based on the previous VW T5 Transporter. From this the company have made a comfortable and spacious campervan which also has all of the advantages that a compact vehicles does. One of the most remarkable features about this new vehicle is the Rear Pod technology that has been incorporated into the campervan. This allows there to be an additional two metres of created at the rear.

The pod extends automatically and it then supports itself onto legs that fold down from the vehicle. These are even capable of supporting the car when it is on uneven terrain. The car is also able to retain its usefulness as a load carrying van due to the DoubleBack functionality.

Stunning” – Peter Gange, Head of Sales, VW Sinclair, Cardiff

Twice The Van

 Based on the popular VW Transporter, the DoubleBack literally brings a new dimension to the Camper Van.

 This represents the first true innovation in the market since the advent of the elevating roof over thirty years ago.

 Perfect for either leisure or sports, the DoubleBack is suitable for young families and couples, carrying 2 or 3 passengers in either ‘captains chairs’ or benchseat configurations.

 The DoubleBack fuses the practicality of driving a compact Transporter with space levels approaching that of a full motorhome. The vehicle is fitted with a luxury elevating roof with fold out bed, a kitchenette and all the usual refinements.

 The DoubleBack is priced at £54,995 on the road. The base vehicle is the VW Transporter 2.0TDI 140PS Long Wheelbase.

 The DoubleBack is available for public viewing and enquiries at our preferred supplier, the VW Sinclair dealership in Cardiff. This will be from the 10thFebruary 2012. We are also holding a Public Viewing Day at the same location on Saturday 24th March 2012.

 The DoubleBack has been inspired by a desire to see a truly spacious, comfortable camper with all the practical advantages of a smaller vehicle” Craig McCormack, Founder




  1. When will it be available in Australia? And, can it tow a small caravan?