Scottish constable on a mission to nab those who continue to speed


The local police are said to be frustrated with the speeding issues in the Fife village of Thornton. So far, close to 20 drivers have been caught going over the speed limit and almost 70 people have already received warnings for over speeding. The police are concerned about the speeding problems especially in populated and residential areas. The constable for the community of Heatherywood as well as Thornton, has told The Courier newspaper about their intolerance for reckless driving.

Constable Jim Harvey said that he continues to be frustrated with the reckless drivers who continue to speed regardless of the warnings that they have been receiving. He expressed his dismay over the motorists’ recklessness that not only put themselves at risk but other people as well. He said that there is a direct link between over speeding and the subsequent collisions that result in injuries and even death which he finds totally unacceptable.

The speeding campaign puts more responsibility on the local police as they focus on catching reckless drivers. It is the policeman’s job to catch those who are not adhering to the speed limit in the area to ensure that the roads will become safe for the pedestrians and fellow motorists.

There are many motorists who do not follow the 20 miles per hour speed limit particularly in Station Road and Strathore Road, that’s why strict measures have to be enforced to make sure that these reckless motorists are caught. Jim Harvey already has plans to form a group whose sole job is to strictly monitor the speed of the passing motorists.

This special group will be composed of volunteers equipped with radar guns, otherwise known as hand held monitoring devices for speed. It is the aim of the local constable that the speeding problem be completely controlled.