Careless parkers in Barnard Castle face a fixed penalty


In the market town in County Durham, motorists need to park their vehicle properly or else they will pay the necessary penalty. This is after the authorities in Barnard Castle made actions regarding the poor parking conditions in the place, which garnered numerous complaints from the people in the community. Officers cited the Market Place and the historic cobbles in the Horse Market as their main concern. They are also getting reactions on the parking problems on The Bank and in places near Newgate.

The operation to solve this problem started last week, and as of now there are already 4 fixed penalties that are given to those who parked their cars on The Bank’s single yellow lane before 6 p.m. According to Barnard Castle Police Sgt Simon Rogers, the intention of this is to discipline and educate those drivers regarding the parking penalties.

Sgt. Rogers added that this parking problem has been a long-time concern and so they want to send a message they they are looking for ways to make the parking situation in the place better. He added that if the verbal notifications are not recognised by the motorists, then necessary enforcement actions will be done. This two-week campaign is one of the Barnard Castle’s authorities’ final ways before the enforcement of the policy and regulations passed to Durham County Council.

Apart from the poor parking condition, many residents in Newgate are giving complaining and airing their concerns about the motorists who are speeding while passing their respective homes. Because of this, they are urged to take the issue to those who are responsible in solving their problem.

It is because of this that the Police and Communities Together (PACT) will be having a meeting on February 12, Tuesday. The members of the group will discuss all of the concerns that are affecting the community.