Sat Navs see huge rise in popularity, despite unreliability


In the last decade, satellite navigation systems in cars have become increasingly popular but they are still not technologically perfect. There are stories about people being driven into the ocean, off cliffs and into front gardens, showing that they are nowhere near being totally reliable. Still, more drivers than ever before rely on these devices in order to get around.

A recent survey has highlighted that around 65 percent of drivers do have one of these devices and use it for navigation a great deal. 20 percent of drivers said that they would not be able to live without the device. This data has been brought together by Autoglass, the windscreen repair company, and it has been gathered through a poll of 2000 people.

The study did show that some people do have trouble with their satellite navigation devices, and Autoglass have said that they do want people to be careful when using the devices and remain vigilant on the roads.