Shropshire council hand out over 8000 parking tickets in 2010/11


It has recently been announced that in 2010 and 2011 the county council in Shropshire handed out nearly 8000 parking tickets, which is a near 10 percent rise on the number of tickets that were handed out in the previous year. Of those tickets around 6500 were paid, while 1400 were written off or cancelled. It was also found that 17 of the tickets were not paid for.

The tickets were typically given for people overstaying in limited parking areas, parking in loading bays or in restricted areas. It is estimated that the Council of made nearly £250,000 in 12 months because of the parking fines.

The figures were obtained by use of a Freedom of Information request and it showed a dramatic increase in the number of tickets that were being issued. Steve Charmley a councillor in the local area has stated, “When we’re giving out tickets we have various sources of intelligence and we use this to find vehicles that have been parked illegally, or that are breaking some other rule. We find that the utilisation of these resources allows us to give out tickets in an efficient and fair manner.

“The enforcement team are there to reduce problems on the road, improve road safety and reduce congestion. We do not have a set number of tickets that they have to achieve and tickets are simply given to people who have broken the rules and deserve them. The staff who hand out these tickets are not doing so unfairly.”