Pink Car Rally 2014 calendar hits the road

Pink Car Rally 2014 calendar hits the road
Pink Car Rally 2014 calendar hits the road

The charity calendar for the Pink Car Rally 2014  is bucking the trend somewhat as there is an over-popular trend in car calendars that seems to only include near-naked people gazing in a bewildered manner into the camera with a suitable prop strategically placed.

The people over at the Pink Car Rally, however, thought they would do something different totally off the wall. Yes, their calendar has lots of near naked photos of….. Pink Cars!

The clever creator of this great charity initiative, Sali Gray, says that “Pink cars are incredibly popular with all ages, and I wanted the calendar to be suitable for Santa to deliver because little girls especially, love pink cars.

Whilst I don’t doubt that some of the pink participants would be prepared to get naked with pink props, I didn’t feel that would be at all appropriate as we fund raise for a children’s charity,” and fundraise they certainly do. Sali who also created and continues to organise the annual Pink Car Rally has confirmed that the 2013  fundraising team raised over £17,000 for the Little Princess Trust charity, which gives ‘real hair’ wigs to children and young people who lose their own hair, primarily through chemotherapy; a sum which will fund 48 wigs.

Pink propriety seems to be popular, with calendar orders arriving from all over the UK, and overseas.  “We have a super photo on our Facebook page of a Canadian customer holding our calendar and we have also had orders from the CzechRepublic , Norway, France and Spain.  We have over 3100 Facebook ‘likes’ from 45 countries, so we know that people all around the world love pink cars. I’m hoping that this initiative will fund 12 wigs – one to represent each calendar month. ”

It certainly is a car calendar with a difference and whilst you can see beautiful ladies in some of the photos, they are poles apart from the usual car calendar poses.  The ladies in the Pink Car Rally calendar seem to be wearing rather a lot of clothing, in 50 shades of pink! The calendar cover photo is certainly striking and features a line-up of pink Fiat 500s, an iconic shot which was taken during the 2011 rally, which travelled from Hereford Hospital to the Children’s Hospital for Wales, in Cardiff.

Sali explained “I used this photo for the front cover, because it is one of the most popular photographs from all of the rallies, but the calendar is filled with fabulous photos and would look lovely on any wall. It’s A4 size when hanging and there is space to write on each date. It’s both pretty and practical and with a price tag of just £5, it’s excellent value for money.

All proceeds, after the cost of printing has been deducted, will go directly to the Little Princess Trust and the calendar is available via our website, our Facebook page and even on Ebay.” So whether you’re looking for a stocking-filler, a secret Santa, or simply the perfect present for anyone who’s passionate about pink, this gorgeous gift could be the answer…. and you’ll also be helping to fund a children’s wig by buying one.