DVLA drops rule where insurance is checked for an MOT


Car owners are no longer required to get their car insurance policies looked at by the DVLA when having their vehicle taxed. This change was introduced by the DVLA to eliminate unnecessary red tape. However, this does not mean that motorists do not need car insurance, as this will remain a legal requirement but rather this means that the DVLA will not have to get proof from the vehicle owner but they will only be required to use their online database.

In addition, the Chancellor George Osborne during the Autumn Statement last week made some changes. These changes stated that car owners would not have to put up to date discs on the windscreen of their cars. As an alternative, the government officials such as traffic officers will only have to check a car’s number plate against the database that they have to be able to know if it is taxed.

The Minister of Roads Robert Goodwill said that they wanted to make it as easy as possible for motorists to access their services. Additionally he said that they also wanted to get rid of needles bits of paper and make changes that will save time an money for the motorist He also went on to say that all this was to try to eliminate unnecessary red tape.