MP happy that the Post Office will continue to deliver DVLA services


Andrew Stephenson, the Pendle MP, has welcomed news that the Post Office will be able to continue to offer over the counter DVLA services to people that live within the area. As part of a new seven year agreement with the DoT (Department of Transport) the Post Office will be able to continue to host DVLA services from spring of 2012 including popular services like vehicle license issue, driving license photocard renewal, and statutory off-road notices as well as other services.

Stephenson explained that the Post Office plays a very vital role in Pendle communities and has always served as a great platform that hosts many everyday and key Government services. He continued to say that he is dedicated to making sure that all local residents can always get to the services that they need without any complications. He added that now that the Post Office can continue to offer DVLA services residents will have easy access to anything they could need in terms of driving registrations and more.

Commercial director at the Post Office, Martin Moran, stated that the Post Office is very glad that they have the support of MP Stephenson. As mail services are becoming less and less used across the UK there has been talking of reducing and cutting some services offered by the Post Office. With the internet and other forms of communication becoming more prevalent, the need to have a place for direct customer to customer services is questioned by many who are worried about cost efficiency.

However, despite this a strong case has been made for still offering personal DVLA services via outlets like the Post Office for people who prefer to take care of such tasks in person so that they are out of the way quickly.