Theory failure is hoping it will be 108th time lucky


The so-called worst driver in Britain has managed to fail the car theory test a whopping 107 times, but they are still trying once again to pass the test. Some might come it determination, but for this unnamed 28 year old it more likely is a frustrating waste of money. So far the driver has spent approximately £3,000 trying to pass the test as it costs £31 to take the test each time.

The theory test is a 57 minute timed test during which 43 out of the 50 questions have to be accurately answered in order for the participant to pass. In addition, motorists must be able to pass the hazard perception test with at least 44 out of 75. Before motorists are even allowed to take their practical test they must pass both of these components.

On the practical test so far the worst driver was a forty year old Stoke man who had to take the test 37 times before he was finally able to pass. When you add up the £62 price tag that comes with taking the practical test on a weekday it is likely that he spent around £2,200 trying to pass which ironically would be enough to buy a used car.

The purpose of the practical driving test is to make sure that motorists are aware of how to drive with different traffic and road conditions present. It also checks to make sure that drivers are familiar with the Highway Code.

A spokesperson for AA Driving School stated that these examples are clearly unusual as it does not take most people this much time to learn to drive, but of course everyone has their own pace and the determination these people have to pass shows how important driving is in our modern society.