Man jailed for helping people avoid penalty points


Colin Lowndes from Manchester has recently been jailed for helping drivers avoid motoring convictions and the penalty points that they got for driving offences including speeding. He admitted guilt to perverting the course of justice and several counts of fraud.

On Friday he was sentenced to 7 years in prison, his brother-in-law who was also involved in his criminal activities has been jailed for one and a half years. A police investigation showed that those who had been given police tickets paid the two men over £400.

Once the money had been handed over the two men would give false nominations linked to addresses associated with Mr Lowndes. These false addresses would mean further police notices were sent to drivers and eventually the time for prosecution would expire and the driving offender would escape punishment.

Eventually, police became suspicious and raided the various homes associated with the scam. A large number of police documents were recovered as well as many blank envelopes and stashes of money. In four years the police are estimating that the scam was run over 700 times with most of it occurring within Manchester.

Most of the nominations were sent to the brother-in-law’s house and many of the motorists who tried to avoid ticketing have been arrested. Custodial sentences have been issued to some of them after more than 200 were arrested.

Sgt Mark Beales has said about the offences, “Mr Lowndes was an experienced and talented conman and he was living a lavish lifestyle through this scam as well as several others. The level of arrogance he has is quite astonishing and he has no qualms about taking from others in order to benefit himself. He made a mockery of the criminal justice system and is now facing justice for what he has done.”