Humberside launches it’s new campaign against drinking and driving


Police in Humberside have launched their new drink-drive campaign ahead of Euro 2012 and Olympic festivities. They are urging people not to make the summer memorable for the wrong reasons. People who are found to be under the influence of either drink or drugs are being warned that they will be targeted and dealt with severely in the two-month summer campaign.

Police are calling on the general public to help them stop reckless drivers getting behind the wheel after drinking. They are advising people that enjoy a couple of pints while watching the Olympic Games or cheering on England, to leave the car at home. Be wary of alcohol being in your blood stream the morning after too, as police will be performing stop-checks at all times.

A Humberside police spokesman said that anyone driving recklessly would be stopped and dealt with be it because they are under the influence or not. Paul Sergeant, Roads Policing Inspector, has said that those driving under the influence of drugs/drink can be impaired, often causing accidents.

Humberside Police are taking on the role of educators to drivers, in an attempt to change attitudes, as some think it is fine to drive after drinking or taking drugs. Last year an alarming 55 motorists tested positive in the crackdown, 17 of which were in a collision. Out of the 55 stopped, 18 were under the age of 25.

Of the 49 drivers in 2010 who tested positive, 13 were under 25 and 17 tested after having a collision. Despite these numbers, overall the percentage of drink-drivers fell 4%, due to extra breath tests occurring and the under-25s were down by 2%.