Colford residents up in arms regarding proposed parking charges


Coleford residents have recently said that the introduction of parking charges in the centre of the town would be seriously problematic to local residents. The local council have not yet introduced any on-street parking charges but despite this there has still been concerns about the move being taken voiced by residents of the area.

The mayor of the town is Sue Merrikin and she has stated, “Residents are becoming very concerned about on street parking as they fear they might no longer be able to park their car outside their house without paying for it.

“Most households in the area own two cars and it is estimated that the parking permit for one car would cost over £300. This means that each family would be shelling out over £600 on average just to be able to park outside their own home.”

Local resident, Andrew Godden has commented, “The parking charges are something that I’m quite concerned about. We haven’t been given a great deal of information by the council and we don’t know whether we are going to have to buy permits, or whether we will be given a parking space.

“Even if we’re not made to pay for the parking, shoppers are going to park in our street if charges are introduced in the town centre, which is going to make it very difficult for us to park our own cars.”

A local councilman, Brian Robinson has said, “Permits are given on a yearly basis to residents and they are almost certainly going to have to pay for them. However, the permits are given at a significantly discounted rate when they are bought for a year, which makes it much more affordable for local residents, then those who are just coming into the town to shop.”