Bristol all set to introduce new parking charges next month


Next month, Bristol council is expected to bring in Sunday on-street parking charges, with new charges introduced for overnight parking. The council hopes to raise an extra £500,000 per year through the increases. It has taken since last September for the completion of legalities.

Charges to park in long-stay areas will be £1-an-hour for up to four hours, £5 thereafter. Currently off-street all-day parking costs £1.60 on a Sunday. The charges will be made until 5pm or 6pm, depending on where you park, thereafter standard evening and then overnight charges will apply.

The council’s transport director, Peter Mann, has reported that the change was agreed back in 2007, but not implemented as Cabot Circus was under construction. It is the success of Broadmead and Cabot Circus which has brought about the increasing demand for Sunday parking, and Mr Mann feels this now needs to be reflected by changes in the parking charges. He goes on to say that there appears to be a larger demand for parking on Sundays.

Many of the parking spaces in the centre are used by workers on a Sunday, the council would prefer for them to be used by shoppers. It is hoped that Sunday charging will persuade public transport services to introduce a park and ride scheme, currently it is more expensive to use public transport than to drive into Bristol.

A single tariff for evening charges of £2.50 is to be introduced, this applies from 6pm in both off and on-street parking. For those parking overnight a charge of £4 will be made. This is to aid overnight visitors, Mr Mann claimed. Over the next 2 years parking charges for Saturdays are to be brought into line with those charged on a weekday.

Mr Mann claims that Bristol is in the top five UK shopping centres and places for people to visit. The increase in parking charges brings the city more into line with those in other destinations.