Brighton inventor designs a parking gadget to protect drivers from traffic wardens


Adrian Bone, an inventor from Brighton, has produced a gadget which will help you to locate a parking space quickly and keep you safe from the dreaded traffic wardens. It is basically a sensor which is placed in car parks and then sends out updates on free parking places.

So instead of spending valuable time trying to find a parking space, you just check the location on your smartphone or similar device, and drive there. The sensor is called the ‘Parking Patch’ and it will also work the other way round by remotely telling local councils or parking companies whether someone is parked illegally in a parking space.

The sensor, which is a dull grey box, works with smartphones such as the iPhone and constantly sends out signals on the status of parking spaces. Mr. Bone is currently trying to get Brighton Council to take up the scheme and in theory it could be used the whole world over.

He said that his invention will revolutionise parking and could even mean the end of traffic wardens. He also said that it makes much more sense for drivers to be able to check on parking availability with their phones instead of driving around for ages looking for a space. Mr. Bone also said that it will help ease congestion on the roads because drivers will be warned in advance about busy areas and will look for parking elsewhere.

The sensor has been developed by Mr. Bone’s company, Deteq Solutions, and at the moment is still going through tests. Mr. Bone added that the sensor will be able to detect if a person has a valid permit or not for parking in a particular spot and so end the need for wardens wandering the streets.