40 motorists caught without seatbelts during Melton clampdown


As part of a campaign in Melton to highlight the main causes of fatal or serious car accidents, Police there caught over forty drivers not wearing their seatbelts. Apparently there are four main causes of serious or fatal car accidents and these are drink-driving, speeding, using a mobile device while driving and not wearing a seatbelt.

The ‘Fatal 4’ campaign is a county-wide campaign and the idea is to educate drivers rather than to enforce the law. Of course there are exceptions to this, such as if a person is caught drink-driving or is a repeat offender. Then they will face prosecution. Police officers will offer the first time offending drivers the opportunity to attend a road safety awareness session instead of being prosecuted.

At this session they will watch a safety video which will show them potential consequences of their actions. They will also be advised on road safety. The latest ‘Fatal 4’ purge caught 42 drivers and 6 front seat passengers not wearing their seatbelts. One driver was caught using a mobile phone. There will be more checks across Leicestershire and Rutland throughout the year.

The commander of Melton Police, Inspector John Gray, said that the campaign is showing that there are still many people who are not taking notice of road safety advice. He also said that he was disappointed and amazed to see so many people in Melton not wearing their seatbelts.

Inspector Gray added that over two thousand people are killed on UK roads every year because of drink-driving, speeding , using a mobile phone or because they are not wearing a seatbelt. He said that forty-eight people were spoken to by police in a four hour period and that people should be more mindful of their own and other people’s safety.