Foreign drivers avoiding parking charges

Parking Fines
Parking Fines

Foreign drivers have been avoiding paying parking fines that add up to over £140,000 in Portsmouth. Overseas migrant workers and drivers often choose to ignore paying parking tickets for violations such as overstaying waiting times and parking on the double yellow lines.

It is very hard to track down foreign drivers because their vehicles are not registered in the DVLA in the UK therefore unless they are caught in the act they are able to slip away unnoticed. In an effort to attempt to get back some of their parking fines; the Portsmouth Council has hired the Euro Parking Collection.

EPC legal manager, Stuart Hendry, stated that most of the fines come from migrant workers versus people that holiday in the area from out of country. Jason Fazackarley, a Councillor in charge of transportation and traffic stated that they are the local authority that actually attempts to hunt down foreign drivers in the Weymouth area.

They find that vehicles that are not registered in the UK frequently break rules even though any foreign vehicle is technically held to the same regulations as any other driver. He added that their dilemma is that the drivers are in and out of the country and once they disappear back to their country of origin they are very hard to actually hunt down. For this reason they have partnered with a company that will track down parking violates overseas.

EPC uses a European data base to track down drivers and then sends them a letter that has a fine enclosed. They are warned that if they do not pay properly then a bailiff will be sent to their home. The firm has had reasonable success as they were able to get about 30% of the 1000 outstanding fines back for their customers.