Drivers with massive points totals on their licences are still on the roads

Penalty Points
Penalty Points

Drivers who have accumulated over the legal amount of points on their license continue to drive on the roads of Britain. The number, as per a survey conducted recently, tags it at 800 drivers and also found that male drivers top the list of those having accumulated 25 points or more on their license.

Regulations laid down by the DVLA set the permissible maximum number of points for license holder of three years or less at 12. The DVLA had been directed to produce records held by them under the freedom of information rule, which shows that male drivers who had 25-36 points accumulated on their license were still driving.

Statistics indicate that the total number of license holders in UK have a break up of 20,439,578 males while female license holders are 16,804,524. Amongst the first 34 people who have the highest license points there are only two women. When it comes to the top 99 the number of women license point holder increases to 14. While there are 2256 men with license points more than 12 and yet driving, there are 351 women driving with 12 license points or more.

Chief Executive of IAM, Simon Best stated that such statistics indicated a very appalling situation of the road and the risk it carried. In his opinion the system should have been a simple one where more than four strikes called for immediate disqualification to drive. Courts and the DVLA, he opined required to be stricter in their approach and driver retraining courses were required for such erring drivers.

Director of Foxy Lady Driver Club, Steph Savill mentioned that while most people were conscious of the penalty they had to pay for erring in their driving methods, there were many who did not care for these rules. It was the lax view of the courts to take to task such contemptuous drivers that paved the way for more to take the same approach.