VW chairman chooses symposium to explain the companies drive system plans


Professor Dr. Martin Winterkorn, the chairman of Volkswagen, chose to use the Vienna Motor Symposium to explain the drive system plans of his company in the future. When it comes to the new alternative drive systems the company is also excited about developments in the paradigm of today.

Those who prefer diesel can get excited about turbo diesel which is a high performance subset of desel that will produce 100kW per litre, and apparently there is more news about the new fuel source but that is all that they want to comment on right now.

Winterkorn also announced that VW is hard at work on a 10 speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox that will help to decrease the engine fuel consumption on any engine that it is attached to. In addition, the Chairman also stated that while there is a larger focus on electric vehicles and hybrids, there are still plenty of improvements that can be done to the traditional internal combustion engine.

Some of these improvements could include making internal combustion engines more efficient and turning to natural gas systems with electric and hybrid vehicles. With this in mind, the manufacturing group is working hard on lowering their new car fleet down to the more acceptable CO2 emission level of 95gkm by the time 2020 rolls around.

Volkswagen believes that natural gas drive systems also have a lot of potential that has not been seen yet with the gas engine already proved to be very environmentally friendly as well as suitable and economical for use every day. A spokesperson for the team stated that the technology is ready for use and many vehicles that are out on the market have already incorporated into it. For the moment now however plug-in hybrid is the technology that is easiest to use.