False injury claims will be dealt with by special police unit.


A dedicated police unit, demanded by MPs, has been called to crack down on false injury claims such as staged accidents in which vehicles are deliberately crashed to receive cash and in order to gain insurance pay-outs

Insurance premiums have been increased by 33% over the last year; making it the biggest increase in 16 years says the Automobile Association having given evidence to the House of Commons’ transport committee. The motoring group also said the group of drivers under 23 had their premiums increase by almost 60% last year and is practically becoming unsustainable.

For more injury claims are being made now than ever before said committee chair Louise Ellman adding that the police said we are lucky there have not been any fatalities in the staged accidents that on the increase but the luck may soon end if something is not done about the fraud.

He special police unit was supported by the AA with its insurance director saying that personal injury fraud is one of the leading drivers to increased premium and the police until could easily pay for itself. Presently committing time and effort to this is difficult for police but having a dedicated until will help not only in lower the amount of fraud but will also help the industry’s Insurance Fraud Bureau as well, making it more effective.

With the cost of petrol soaring to over £6 per gallon making the cost of motoring very expensive, drivers want the government and the insurance industry to work together to control these rising cost that ultimately will fuel inflation.