Motorists long for 1990’s petrol prices


A recent survey shows that drivers, looking back 20 years ago, most miss the power petrol prices, the quieter roads and less speed bumps and of 2,000 surveyed about 80 or 4% said there was not anything good about modern motoring said Kwik Fit the surveyor.

Other things that they missed included no London congestion charges, no speed cameras and easier parking and the for the most part the attractions to present day motoring where better car availability and more comfortable cars with other benefits being electric windows, increased safety and better fuel economy.

There were those (3%) that missed the manual choke while over 5% said they missed being able to drive without using seatbelts. The conditions now compared to 20 years ago are received with mixed emotions says Kwik Fit’s Ian Fraser, adding that for the most part cars have improved with basic models offering electric windows, air conditioning and SatNav but higher fuel prices and congestion have made it more difficult.