Don’t caught short by CIE law warns leading price comparison website


Motorists are being advised not to get caught out by new legislation aimed at reducing the number of uninsured drivers on Britain’s roads.

From June 20, the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) legislation will make it illegal to own a vehicle without valid insurance, unless it has been declared as off the road (‘SORN’). Those people who break the law face the prospect of a fixed penalty notice or possible further legal action.

As the countdown continues to CIE coming into force, research carried out by, the leading price comparison website, has revealed that one is six drivers has admitted to driving uninsured.

That, in turn, is increasing the price of car insurance for law-abiding citizens by an average of £30 per driver, per year. Vehicle owners, though, are offsetting the impact of that rise by shopping around online and cheap car insurance quotes from moneysupermarket could save them an average of around £280.

Peter Harrison, a car insurance expert at, believes that it not only pays to scour the web for the best deals, but that drivers should also be extremely wary about the exact date that a policy expires.

Harrison stated: “Uninsured drivers cost the industry £500 million each year, which as a result adds an average of £30 to every motorist’s premium.”

“Our own research has found a staggering one in six UK motorists has admitted to driving a car uninsured. With CIE legislation coming into force, this should help drive down the number of uninsured drivers on our roads, a move which can only be applauded.”

“All motorists need to be vigilant though – especially leisure drivers or motorbike enthusiasts who only use their vehicles occasionally and let their insurance lapse in the meantime; they need to declare their vehicle as SORN or renew!”

“Additionally, our research shows the legislation will go a long way towards encouraging Brits to shop around at renewal time to find a better deal on their insurance. That said, there are clearly still motorists out there who will just accept a renewal quote out of convenience – a bank-breaking move I would advise against.”

“With insurance premiums rising on average by 44p per day, or by 31 per cent last year, shopping around for the best deal is crucial to ensure you aren’t paying over the odds for your car insurance.”

“The average saving on an annual car insurance policy using is £282, so I urge everyone to do their research and not automatically accept their renewal without checking there isn’t a better alternative.”