A good credit score helps to get cheaper car insurance


How do I get cheaper car insurance is a question that has been asked by every motorist out on the roads. It is one of the largest annual bills of the year, so why wouldn’t we want to reduce it if we could.

There are ways of getting cheaper car insurance that are not that obvious and might come as a bit of a surprise for some people. What you have thought your credit rating would influence what premium you could be offered?

The majority of insurers will use a customer’s credit history or credit rating to determine the rate they are prepared to offer. There is research to suggest that drivers with a good credit history or high credit score are more responsible behind the wheel and less likely to be involved in an accident, therefore, less likely to make a claim. Motorists with a poor credit history or low credit rating will be seen by insurance companies as a bigger danger as they are under financial stress and so more likely to take risks.

One of the worst things that any driver can do is to stop paying their insurance, no matter how hard up they are or if they are preparing to switch to a different provider. For more information click here. By missing a payment or allowing it to lapse, not only are people putting themselves at risk if they have an accident or of facing criminal charges, it can also lower there credit score and make it far more expensive to get car insurance in the future.