Children are a huge distraction for drivers


RED, the driving school, has just released information about different distractions in the car. The research showed that the biggest distraction for drivers is having children in the vehicle. The survey suggested that nearly a third of people found squabbling children the greatest cause of distraction when driving. At the other end of the spectrum young drivers and said that comments from backseat drivers are the most distracting element of driving.

Mobile phones are possibly one of the most discussed distractions to driving but these came in third place when drivers were asked what distracts the most. One in every five drivers say that they don’t have their mobile phone switched off while driving.

Dominic Cohen, a representative from the driving school has said, “It is essential that drivers eliminate as many distractions as possible. At RED driving school we are committed not just to teaching people how to pass the test, but how to be safe drivers and removing distractions is a big part of that. This recent study shows just how important understanding road safety is.” Some other distractions that were highlighted by those who took the survey include, listening to loud music and when the passenger is smoking.